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We are a Texas home mortgage company. We finance and refinance Texas homes only. Our limitation makes us Texas home mortgage experts. Because we are not in the business of selling bank accounts, financing commercial property, or selling retirement accounts, we are laser focused on Texas Home Financing. Texas home mortgage is not one of our many businesses. Home financing is our only business.

As a Texas home mortgage company, we work with numerous lenders. Each lender offers unique mortgage products that are not available to other or local banks. We offer new and existing home purchase loan, refinance primary or investment property, Texas Cash Out for primary home (A6), and Texas Cash Out for Investment home.

Why us? We make you look like a rock star. Home mortgage is a complex process. Imagine loaning millions of dollars to strangers whom you have never met and will never meet. That’s how lenders feel about borrowers. As much they want to lend, they are cautious of lending money. We help borrowers gain that trust from lenders. In return, average qualified borrower receive better rate and barely qualified borrowers become qualified borrowers.

We value our client’s privacy and security. Our ultimate goal is to maintain privacy and secure personal information. Unlike national banks where personal information gets passed around department after department, only concerned staff has access to each of our client’s files. Access to files are usually limited to only 3 staff (loan originator, processor, admin assistant). Just to make sure, we offer one year paid subscription to LifeLock Standard service to each borrower upon successful closing and funding.

Communicate, communicate, communicate!!! We believe communication is important. We don’t believe in keeping our clients uninformed about their loan process. There is nothing worse than not knowing what is happening with mortgage application. Our clients know what to expect from the beginning. They also receive request update of loan progress.

We monitor your rate. We don’t forget our clients once loan is closed. We monitor rates in case there is a significant drop in market rate. We inform our clients in such event and present offer to refinance and save thousands. Home is an investment. You can’t forget your investment or do nothing for 30 years.

Last but not least. Our goal is to treat our clients with respect and dignity. We take time to answer every question, offer options, and let our clients make the decision. Our job is to listen, offer, process, and communicate. Fast talking, deceiving, and ignoring is just not our style.